Hoskins Report Trade Religions Sell Indulgences

Hoskins Report Trade Religions Sell Indulgences


All religions have two basic creeds.

Christianity has two basic creeds. The first is THE WORD – God’s Laws, statutes, and judgments. The second is “TRADE-CHRISTIANITY. “Trade-Christianity” sells Indulgences to permit merchants to violate God’s “Laws. Statutes, and Judgments”. sellers are called “Baal-priests” by the faithful[1].

Trade-Christianity” actively censors the 70% of the Bible dealing with government which might hinder the merchant paymaster and his trade. “Trade-priests” do what they are paid to do, and Christians despise them for it.

Trade Religion in Virginia

Before the Revolution, almost everyone in Virginia was Episcopalian – “Church of England.” The king was its head. He appointed bishops and they appointed ministers. There were Presbyterian and Baptist dissenters, but their lives were hard. Very hard. One of my grandfathers preached to his congregation from the barred window of the jail at Bowling Green. A grandmother who married a Baptist preacher was disinherited and her name stricken from the family Bible.

Dissenter Beliefs

Dissenters read the 70% of the Bible that deals with government and discovered that they were being deprived of specific basic rights promised them by their God. The king’s own Episcopalian priests said that only the king entitled to these rights. Dissenters quoted the Bible and insisted that Christ was their only king, that the King of England had stolen their “God-given rights” and made monopolies for himself – that taxes were wrong, and that black slavery was evil – that neither the Blacks nor the Indians should even be allowed in Virginia. The king’s church insisted that the king had the right to do as he liked.