Then Are Ye Abraham’s Seed?

Then Are Ye Abraham’s Seed?

AS WE TURN THIS AFTERNOON UNTO OUR SUBJECT WE TURN INTO THE BOOK OF GALATIANS, and we find our text laid out in these simple words of the Scriptures. In fact they are so simply written that it would be very hard for anyone to misunderstand them. We find in the third chapter in the 29th verse of Galatians, “If ye be Christ’s then ye be Abraham’s seed and heirs according to the promise.” If you belong to God, if you belong to the Good Shepherd, ye belong to Christ, then ye be Abraham’s seed.

Now by the same token we note by some translations, they reverse this translation. And they said, if ye be of Israel, then ye belong to Christ. And this, my friends, is also a very vital translation. And in other translations then you see, If ye be Christ’s, then you are Abraham’s seed, and you belong to God. Then once again if ye be Christ’s then are ye Abraham’s seed.

Now this makes it rather clear that the people referred to today as Christians, and many of them are referred to as the Church today, are from the house of Abraham, and the Seed of Abraham in every generation. But ye belong to God. And if you are of the household of God, and if you are Christians then it is because you are Abraham’s seed. But by no stretch of the imagination can they change it or translate it any other way. Because the fact remains that if ye be Christ’s, ye are Abraham’s seed.

And if you belong to God then ye are also Abraham’s seed and it amounts to the same thing either translation establishes the fact that if you are of the Household of God, the family of God, or if you belong unto God then you are of the Seed of Abraham. For God hath made his statements clear as to the house of Adam and to his descendants, from Adam thru Seth, and to Enoch, and down thru the house of Noah. And then every time God spake to the house of Abraham, he said, “Ye are my Israel.”