The Theft By Deception of The Great British Constitution

The Theft By Deception of The Great British Constitution

LET US GET ONE THING CRYSTAL CLEAR FROM THE START. Great Britain has Constitutional Law which is very much intact and valid, regardless of what misinformation or disinformation you may have been given.

It is sometimes falsely asserted that we do not have a written Constitution. Our Constitution is not written in a single article like the US version, it is spread over several documents.

The Constitutional Laws of our country are the most important and powerful laws that we have. These laws protect our liberty, rights to self-governance, limit the powers of the Government and the judiciary, maintain the imperative right of Britons to a trial by our peers, a right to redress, and our right to enforce these laws. However, we can only use these laws and protect them if we know of them and insist upon their use. Unfortunately, as you are about to read, a very long-term and elaborate plot exists which is deceiving the majority of their rights in an attempt to subvert the British Constitution.

In a nutshell, our Constitution was designed to protect our human rights. It was the first Human Rights law, although much more powerful than an ‘Act’ of parliament because it’s an immutable law which was designed by the people and cannot be lawfully taken away from the people without completely transparent, lawful and democratic consent, or defeat by open war.

Our Constitution is, in fact, the grandfather of the constitutions of the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and India. It is the ultimate law of the land, designed to keep the executive and governing bodies in check. The law has been created by the people over many generations and includes various treaties, Bills, Declarations and sworn Oaths.