The Year of The Rat

The Year of The Rat

THE AUTHORS—ONE IS EDWARD TIMPERLAKE WHO IS ON THE PROFESSIONAL STAFF OF THE HOUSE COMMITTEE ON RULES DEALING WITH NATIONAL SECURITY. He is a Naval Academy graduate and former Marine fighter pilot. He has spent his entire adult life in National Security Service. And—William C. Triplett II is the former Chief Republican Counsel to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. He has had 30 years of experience working on China and National Security.

This book published in 1998. With that kind of a background then let’s see what those two gentlemen are telling America.

Quote:—The White House is for sale, and at stake are key National Security secrets. So you care, whether Bill Clinton and Al Gore will get away with it. (Unquote)

These two gentlemen have cast a light on the worst scandal behind the Clinton Presidency and it was not sex in the Oval Office. This story is about how the Clinton-Gore Administration has willingly compromised American Security for millions of dollars from foreign sources, from the Macau, with access to very sensitive official documents. There is evidence of corruption simply staggering which these authors are hoping will finally reach the public who are holding this administration in such adoration.

Here we learn that the biggest contributors to the Clinton-Gore Campaign in 1992, was a shady Indonesian business man with connections to Communist China’s KGB. Here we learn that suspected Communist Agents and representatives of Chinese Organized Crime were granted access to the White House. You will see that nearly one hundred potential witnesses to the illegal Clinton-Gore China Connection have fled the country or taken the 5th Amendment.