The “World” in a Quote

The “World” in a Quote

WE RECOVERED AN OLD PAMPHLET WHICH, by internal evidence, appears to have been compiled in or around 1992 (the last dated citation bears the date October 11, 1992).  It was put together by a Mr. Jeffrey L. Ostler (whom we do not know).  In this pamphlet he has painstakingly searched out quotes and excerpts that illustrate the fall of the Christian society, et al.

The “Editor notes” are his, we left them intact¯they are rendered as “(- Ed.)” .  Any notes made by us at Watchmen Bible Study Group are in “[brackets]”.  While we proofread the document, it is possible that some typos exist due to scanning-error.

Also, the chapter titles and divisions are ours; we rearranged the order in which the author presented the quotes.  We did this for the ease of reader’s searches.  We felt that the quotes, aligned into categories of subject, would be more beneficial to the investigator.

And while we can appreciate the sheer labour involved in gathering all these quotations; especially before home computers and search engines were at the level that they are today; we must take issue with the Author, in that he seems to have systematically omitted and clouded all references to the Jews¯but every quote that he supplies is the direct result of the International Jewish program to deconstruct God’s world.  They do this for their god antichrist (Satan).

We find this phenomenon whenever we see other’s dealing with the first beast system of Revelation 13:1-4; they are reluctant to come right out and identify the offenders, “for fear of the Jews” (Jn 20:19).  We are not so afraid; for we stand by God, for God, in Christ Jesus¯and appeal to the power of the Holy Spirit of God, by the name of Jesus Christ, in all distresses.  Whom then, shall we fear?