The Subversion Of Britain Part 2

The Subversion Of Britain Part 2


PROTOCOL X of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion says: “We shall destroy among the Goyim the importance of the family and its educational value.”

They aim to destroy the family life of the nation, to destroy human love and consideration, to break down innocence and individual reserve at an early age and to teach a general sexual free-for-all, providing contraceptives free of charge paid for by the taxpayer, while at the same time trendy clergymen preach the Marxist gospel of loving everybody, meaning of course sexual lust with no spiritual value.

The Family Planning Association adopts a humanist approach and Lady Birk, wife of the chairman of the International Publishing Company, is the only representative on the Health Educational Council and is appoint-ed by the Secretary of State. The IPC publishes risqué magazines such as Honey, which advocates loose living and inter-racial marriages. The Family Planning Association influences the young to participate in extra-marital sex. Marriage is rarely mentioned in FPA publications, which encourage the break up of, marriages and condone an attitude of free sex. Claire Rayner, a Jewish radio ‘entertainer’ who gives sex advice to the Goyim, is involved in this organisation.