The Star of The New Order

The Star of The New Order

Col. Greer:

THERE HAS BEEN AN ATTEMPT BY EVIL MEN TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD AND DESTROY GOD’S KINGDOM. God is not mocked nor is He defeated by the events going on around us because they were known of God before time began. Who ever sits in the White House is permitted by God and we get what we deserve. God is not about to lose the world to the age old enemies of His Kingdom. It is only because of the blindness of Israel that we have to go through the troubles of the day.

We were to occupy the earth until Christ returns as our King, but we have not done this. Instead we have let God’s old enemy, and ours, rule over us. We have stood by complacently while forces, which know not our God, tear our nation apart. Under God’s Divine Law over our nation we would prosper and be free from the hideous crime which stalks every street of our cities. We would be free from the sickness that fills our hospitals and our mental institutions to over flowing. America is a Christian Nation, a Nation of Destiny, and it is up to the hundreds of thousands of people who know that the White Christians of the world are the Israel of the Old Testament, to awaken our nation as to the reason for our great blessings, and why we are going through the troubles that we are in.

As we come to the Christmas season we feel sure that you will thrill to the tremendous message of the late Dr. Swift. I feel sure that you will like the tremendous challenge that it gives us for the message to our day. Lorraine Swift is to be congratulated in her efforts to continue to make these tapes available for you to hear. Now; Dr. Wesley A. Swift speaking on the subject, ”The Star of the New Order.”