The Hoskins Report The Serpent’s Seed

The Hoskins Report The Serpent’s Seed

FOLLOWERS OF THE WORD KNOW THE STORY OF THE SERPENT AND EVE; how Eve was persuaded by the serpent to eat the apple, and that she in turn persuaded Adam to also eat. It was for this reason that both were driven from the Garden of Eden and the serpent was cursed by God.

Stories Making The Rounds

An ancient story that is still making the rounds today says that Eve had sexual relations with the serpent and then gave birth to Cain. The story of Cain and Able by different fathers has an ancient history.

The “Inspired” Bible

Almost everyone knows the Bible story of the Serpent and Adam & Eve, and probably also has heard of some of the speculation that is going on about the relationship between the three. The difficulty in resolving the problem is the lack of support information. This lack is due to the way the
Catholic Church selected the Scriptures they used to put together the first Bible.

Before and after the death of Jesus there were literally hundreds of books in existence that were deemed “holy.” The thing that made them holy was that they contained the WORD that was God.

The natural question is; What exactly is the WORD? The traditional answer is; the WORD is exactly what it implies – the wishes or the Commandments of God. Most scripture is divided into two parts: