The Archaeological and Historical Writings of The Sanhedrin and Talmud of The Jews

The Archaeological and Historical Writings of The Sanhedrin and Talmud of The Jews

HERE IS ANOTHER BOOK REVIEW FROM THE SWIFT LIBRARY. At first glance the title might distract your interest. However, it is by a Christian Minister and since the book was reprinted in 1923, then perhaps Judean became Jew as is most often the case. This minister did not stress the difference between Jew and Israel. But he pointed out recorded facts and they are quite interesting.

Since we have given you the plans of our enemy for this ‘New Age,’ we as well as this Christian minister are always looking for conformation of the historical fact that there was such a ONE as YAHWEH in the flesh as YAHSHUA-Saviour, called Jesus of Nazareth. In this small book written by this Christian minister, we believe he found these old records which he was looking for.

Our author, thinking that no event of such importance to the world, as the death and Resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth, could have inspired without some record being made of it by HIS enemies, the courts, legislatures, and historians, then our author set out to investigate this subject, to see what he could find as to old records. After consulting many various historians and corresponding with many scholars, our author persuaded two learned men, Dr. McIntosh and Dr. Twyman, to go with him to Rome to that Great Vatican Library, and then to Constantinople to the Library established in that city by the Christian Emperor Constantine. These three men would take with them, scribes to help record what they would find.

At the Vatican Library, there in Rome, our author and his friends were escorted into a great room at least 300 feet square. Here they saw many men who were priests and officers busy copying the papers brought to them by the officers. In this great room there were hundreds of paintings and our author noticed hundreds of ‘glass eyes’ with golden lids and lashes, and was told that these eyes were to represent ‘the All seeing Eye,’ but they were also the Light of this great room. Pastor Mahan said he thought he almost saw those many eyes ‘wink.’

The text our author and friends asked for were brought to them and most of the Scribes and Dr. Twyman were to stay here in Rome to copy from the great books while Dr. McIntosh and Reverend Mahan would go on to Constantinople to the Great Library, ’The St. Sophia Library.’ Dr. McIntosh tells us that all those Talmuds which we have been told that were burned by Gregory VI were the Talmuds of Babylon. But the records of the Talmud of Jerusalem and the records of the Jerusalem Sanhedrin were safe and in this St. Sophia Library in Constantinople. Therefore, we will never get discouraged thinking the old records are destroyed for YAHWEH has a habit of preserving those records of the development of HIS plan.