The Last Days of The Red Throne

The Last Days of The Red Throne


IF ONE STUDIES THE SCRIPTURE OF TRUTH CONCERNING THE DAYS OF NOAH, and believes the written Word, it becomes clear that many who lived prior to the catastrophic flood lived to an incredible age (Genesis chapter 5).

Something horrendous obviously happened to the earth and it’s special relationship in the heavens at this time because the Scripture begins then to record a tremendous decrease in the life span of individuals like Shem, Eber and Nahor who lived after the great deluge (Genesis Chapter 11). Within only a few generations that span had decreased to about one tenth of it’s former – and thus it follows that those of us alive today actually age ten times faster than those who lived before the flood.

In like fashion, we witness in these days such a rapid advance in the field of technology that it seems almost beyond comprehension. Within only seconds, we can now contact someone living several thousand miles away, simply by using a telephone; we can also stand face to face with that same individual after flying through the heavens at incredible speeds for just a few hours. In addition, today, billions of pieces of information can be stored in computer systems and then retrieved in a matter of seconds at the touch of a few keys. Without doubt, we are witnessing “the time of the end” when, as Scripture says, “many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased” (Daniel 12:4).

Since the Bible shows us that this would occur not only in the “last days”, but also in the latter part of the last days, such an increase in knowledge actually heralds the end of an age. Before the curtain finally closes on this era however, certain prophecies written many centuries ago must be fulfilled.