The Netherworld – Hell – The Inner Earth

The Netherworld – Hell – The Inner Earth

QUESTION: Where is the Netherworld?

I DON’T HAVE TOO MUCH KNOWLEDGE OF THE NETHERWORLD. I probably wasn’t ever there. I can tell you this, two ways. We have limited sources of knowledge and extensive sources of knowledge. To me, the thoughts from the extensive knowledge, requires intuitive as well as spiritual intensity, as one spends lots of time on it. I haven’t spent too much time studying devils. But the Netherworld is interesting only because it is real, and it is just as much a habitation as the outer surface of the earth.

The Netherworld is the Inner Earth. It consists of caverns and inter-hall areas. There are more physicists today that believe that the earth is not solid, and believe that if it is not a large cavern centre; that it is a large centre and probably several thousand miles across, whose land surface would be as great as the outer earth land surface because it is unbroken by seas.

Now I tell you this because the Netherworld is in the Inner Earth, of this Earth as we live on.