The Man of Sin

The Man of Sin

IT SEEMS THAT MOST JUDEO-CHRISTIANS AND EVERY BODY OF ANY CONCERN, is looking for him with dread in their hearts to appear on the scene at almost any moment. But they have a great surprise coming because he has already come and has been here for quite a while, but his legal reign only began in 1914.

Since this time he has almost completely conquered our great nation of the United States of America, Great Britain and the world in general through his doctrine and ideology of Socialism (Communism) in their bid to create “The New World Order.” Why haven’t people caught on to the cleverness of this Man of Sin to conquer the world for International World Communism without the nations realizing it?

When are the people of America going to wake up to what’s going on? Modern Christianity in America have been blinded to the truth of what’s happening because they have been brainwashed and deceived by the propaganda and teachings of this Man of Sin’s Lies, that the Esau-Edom-Khazar Zionist Jews are the Israel of Yahweh, The Chosen People, and that the prophecies and promises of Yahweh belong to them. This Devil, Dragon or Man of Sin is also teaching that the Anglo-Saxon Caucasian White Race of People are Gentiles when they are really the True Modern day Children of Israel.