The Layman’s Guide to The English Constitution

The Layman’s Guide to The English Constitution

England is still ruled by Alfred the Great Through the laws he gave us

This is the story of how the Constitution was formed and how High Treason has been and is being committed at the highest levels of government.
I believe there is a need for a layman’s guide to the English Constitution.  The guide to the constitution issued by the government is a work of pure fiction designed to mislead the ordinary man woman and child in this country.  The government guide allows government to enslave the indigenous population, destroy our culture and way of life, and destroy a thousand years of history.
I want you to remember one thing.  England is ruled, not by the Queen or by Parliament and not by the Queen in Parliament.  England is ruled by the law of the very good constitution left to us by our forefathers.
In every man and woman’s life there comes a time when their character is defined. Will they go with the flow no matter what, or will they say “No”, this is not right and I will not have it.  As it is with people so it is with countries.