The Land Beyond The Rivers of Ethiopia

The Land Beyond The Rivers of Ethiopia

THE CHURCHES OF TODAY TELL US THAT PRESENTLY THE ISRAELITES ARE REPRESENTED BY THE JEWS. It is however true that not all Jews are of the same race. This alone should make such a claim questionable. We should also know that the word Jew is a corruption of Judean. The Judeans in turn represented only a part of the Israelite tribes, 12 (13) in all. The greater part of all tribes went into Assyrian captivity and did not return to Palestine. The remnant’s descendants in Palestine went to Babylon. When they returned they found their land populated by other races who were also called Judeans, not racially but geographically. Just as today we have black, Chinese, and white Australians.

So where are all these (Assyrian captivity) Israelites?

In other booklets, I outline this in great detail, but here I will prove, in another way, who they are today. This book will also concentrate on only one land with an Israelite population and show a point of view, hidden by the media, church leaders and governments.

The following should be considered not only by bible students, but also those with an interest in world affairs. Both parties will soon see if they persevere (and keep an open mind) that all they are about to read is linked with each other and that one side cannot be taken without the other. We will study, as well, the Afrikaner.