The Jew Made Soviet Union

The Jew Made Soviet Union

The Jew‑made Soviet Union in a secret agreement with the international Jews double-crossed the Arabs and has now joined a conspiracy with manipulators In Washington, Moscow. New York City and Haifa to enslave the impoverished Arabs whether they be Christian or Moslem and enthrone the Jews in Jerusalem.

The birthplace of Jesus, His burial place, the Nazareth of New Testament tradition and all the other holy places are now open for the blasphemy, the desecration and the abuse which the Christ‑hating Jews are prepared to heap upon these holy shrines.

The Jordan river will be dammed up and the place of Christ’s baptism will be destroyed The Sea of Galilee will be desecrated and its waters siphoned out to satisfy the greed of the tyrannical Jews. By deliberation they will attempt to destroy everything that reminds the world of the life and labours of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ whom they are now crucifying anew.

The poor Arabs, through centuries of abuse and starvation, are a backward people, and in the presence of sophisticated military equipment furnished, the Jews by the U.S.A. as well as France and England, they are as helpless as the impoverished Mexicans would be in the presence of the American Army.