The Inquisition

The Inquisition

BEFORE WE DOCUMENT THE INTENT OF THIS STUDY, let us establish the clear definition of the term “Inquisition.” Webster’s Dictionary defines inquisition as: seeking or searching for, an inquiring into, examination, investigation, inquest and the verdict of a jury. In the Catholic Church, a court or tribunal for examination and punishment of heretics.

In view of the annals of world history, it would appear that the time is long past for the initiation of an American inquisition, in concert with the intent of King “Fernando and Queen Isabella of Spain, during the 15th century, and King Edward I, of England in the 13th century If the Jews of Spain and England in that time earned the fruits of an inquisition, then certainly the Jews of America today, have earned an inquisition a thousand times over.

Let us understand and accept one unequivocal FACT, THE BIBLE IS THE BOOK OF THE INQUISITION, FROM GENESIS THROUGH REVELATION. History proves that, whenever and where-ever God’s children invoked “inquisition” against the Jews they were always blessed, and enjoyed a much better life. History documents many such acts of inquisition against the Jews, both in the Bible, and in secular history.

In particular, we know that the “straw that broke the camels back” so to speak, that precipitated the Spanish and English inquisition, WAS THE DIABOLICAL ACTS OF “JEWISH RITUAL MURDER.” In Spain it was the crucifixion and murder of a white Christian boy in Sepulveda, Segovia in 1468. In England it was the ritual murder of a Christian boy at Oxford, in 1290.