The Indestructible Kingdom

The Indestructible Kingdom

INTRODUCTION: IT IS THRILLING TO GREET YOU EACH MONTH BY WAY OF THE TAPE MINISTRY. We are living in Bible times, foreseen and foretold from the foundations of the Universe. The enemies of our race think they have the forces of Christianity and the people of our race, God’s chosen, headed for complete destruction by godless Communism. They do not realize that God is mocked, that His purpose, His plan will be carried out to the last crossing of the last ‘T’. Christ said: ‘I shall establish my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.’ Does that sound like defeat?

The Bible says it is His will to give the Kingdom to His chosen, Israel. It also says that the nations shall be separated like the sheep and the goats, and Israel shall inherit the earth. There is no defeat in the mind of the Eternal Father, only how long until we awaken to our great heritage. And to return to our God. We are so fortunate to have these great tapes in the Library of the late Dr. Wesley A. Swift, and today’s talk by Dr. Swift contains some events which were current (1962) as he brought this message, and they are still as current today as they were then. Thus we present, Dr. Swift speaking on the Indestructible Kingdom.

We turn in our thinking this afternoon to some of the areas of the Covenants and promises which are most important for us to remember and to understand. Of course with the realization of how God has put together the Universe, especially your portion of it, and your understanding of it.