Adolph Hitler and The Secrets of The Holy Lance

Adolph Hitler and The Secrets of The Holy Lance


This book was written by two men, one a sailor and one a soldier, who served on opposites sides during World War II. They were enemies then, but now are friends. Each one dedicates this book to his brave comrades-in-arms who honourably served their respective countries. To those who fell in combat and now lie in Bitburg or St. Avold or Other cross marked fields, we pray that their souls rose up like birds escaped from the fowler’s snare may they rest In honour and in peace.
Whether we live or die we are the Lord’s
If he who is but flesh cherishes wrath,
who will forgive his sins?
Let us not therefore Judge One another
anymore: but judge this rather, that
no man put stumbling block or an occasion
to fall in his brother’s way.
The Holy Bible New Testament

Fallen Comrades

The heart is cold now
And the pulse beats slow
But memory ever wanders
Back amind the mournful
Shadows of the past,
And as the silent phantoms
Arise grim review,
Fast falling tears
Pay tender loving tribute
To our cherished comrades
Of the long ago.
From One Who Wore the Gray – By Lewes F. Levy
Yazoo RangersC.S.A,. 1863

The Last Soldier

All soldiers are kindred arid war never changes.
It is a cruel and relentless juggernaut delighting
In human misery and demanding human lives.

Let the Survivors of the causes for which hosts
of noble heroes perished. stand firmly together,
and as their ranks grow thin, ‘Close to the centre’
Let them march relentlessly forward to storm the
last great fortress. over which the pale flag flies,
and before whose batteries the bravest must at
last succumb and furl their colours forever.”

And when these last soldiers have fallen, let there
be no more —
“One Who Wore the Gray” (modified 1863)