The Great Patents Heist

The Great Patents Heist

THE JEWS, like other childish people, enjoy pretending, and when pretending brings them the tribute due to the character assumed, they revel in it.
In this way they have obtained much credit, which should not have been given to them.
They were first tricked out in borrowed traditions and supplied with an entirely false idea of themselves about 430 B.C.
Then commenced the Great Jewish Masque, a pretence which has been maintained to the present day.
In recent times it has never lacked support. Indeed, Jewish propaganda has been so insidious and persistent that voluntary aid, in addition to other kinds, has always been available. At a mere hint, troupes of highly placed carpet-baggers don ass’s ears, or a long nose, and vie with each other, and with the kosher mummers, in endeavours to lead the rout.