The Gospel of The Stars – Ella Mast Swift Library Review

The Gospel of The Stars – Ella Mast Swift Library Review

The Gospel of the Stars–-or Primeval Astronomy. Copyright 1884, from the book of the library of the late Dr. Swift
DEAR FRIENDS; WE HAVE TOLD YOU MANY THINGS ABOUT THIS GOSPEL OF THE STARS from the Swift tape library. And since the tapes about those mysterious circles and figures in Britain, we thought we would give you an outline of this old book as to what this author found as he became interested in the meaning of the Starry Worlds.
Since some current explanations of the origin and meaning of the constellations of the heavenly certainly are not such as would satisfy those in search of positive truth then we as did our author looked backwards to find the knowledge our ancient forefathers brought to our race as an explanation of the outlines formed by the stars.
Genesis 1:14–-’And YAHWEH said; let there be lights in the firmament of the heavens to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs and for seasons, and for days and for years.’
All the purposes of creation we cannot begin to fathom or comprehend. But we stand on solid ground however when we say and believe that the intent of the physical Universe is to declare and display the Majesty and Glory of its Creator. Thus remember HE said HE created these heavenly worlds for signs. And a Sign is something selected and appointed to represent some other thing. The letters of the alphabet for instance are signs of sounds and numbers. The notes on a clef of musical writing are signs of pitch and value of certain tones of voice or instrument.
Thus when YAHWEH said the Celestial luminaries were for signs HE meant they express in their nature and natural office something beyond and additional to what they express in their natural setting. Nor can any sense be attached to the words, consistent with the dignity of the record, without admitting that YAHWEH intended from the beginning that these orbs of light should be made to bear, express, record, and convey the message we deduct from them. Always thru the ages it has been believed that the stars were to be the regulators of the seasons, and the years, as well as signs of events which were coming on the earth, especially this birth of the Savior in Judea.