The German Contribution

The German Contribution

PRINT THIS IF YOU ARE SERIOUS ABOUT LEARNING SOME THINGS! It’s far longer then initially intended and to read it in its entirety sitting in front of a computer screen is not recommended. It would be too tiresome.
It’s not only about German contributions to the world at large, it’s also about the present-day annihilation of the German people as such, about the incessant vilification and character assassination which takes place in the world. I have tried to point some of it out, only being able to scratch the surface. The ‘Hate-everything German’ is so all-inclusive as to be mind-numbing and quite frankly is comprehensible only when understanding the Jewish hate which has poisoned the minds of man for centuries. This horrible, irrational hatred is directed against all peoples of German blood, whether they be Germans, or Scandinavians, or ethnic Germans living the world over. This is so grotesquely successful that ethnic Germans world-wide are literally afraid to defend their good name.
The real horror is, a person cannot tell the truth without being howled down as a “Hater”, but the true haters are hailed as paragons of virtue!
The so-called Holocaust, a purely Jewish invention of the past 40 years, has been hammered into the minds of people to such a degree, that it has become a sacrosanct religion, a dogma which illicits knee-jerk responses from otherwise rational people. It has been said that the truth eventually triumphs. Well, I am afraid this maybe incorrect. If the truth is assassinated relentlessly by the media world-wide, soon it matters not whether proof of the Jews dishonesty is overwhelming. We know for example that the Jews have literally destroyed civilizations and are so relentlessly hate-filled against all none-Jews that it is impossible for even a giant such as George Washington, to avoid the infestation of a nation. We know the Holocaust to be a fabrication, for even prominent Jews admit that the eye-witnesses are notoriously unreliable (and eye-witnesses is essentially all they have), yet the pervert who can be credited with the invention of this fable, Elie Wiesel is given the Nobel Peace Prize! Ask for forensic proof (such as even ONE autopsy, ONE pile of bones or ashes, where there should be 20.000 tons of it), as is required in any court of law, and one is instantly smeared as a ‘hater’. This whole thing is so odious, so foul and evil, languages have no words for it.