The Epistle of St Ignatius to the Italians

The Epistle of St Ignatius to the Italians

1:1 Ignatius, who is also Theophorus, unto her that is beloved by God the Father of Jesus Christ;
1:2 to the holy church which is in Tralles of Asia, elect and worthy of God,
1:3 having peace in flesh and spirit through the passion of Jesus Christ, who is our hope through our resurrection unto Him;
1:4 which church also I salute in the Divine plenitude after the apostolic fashion, and I wish her abundant greeting.
1:5 I have learned that ye have a mind unblameable and stedfast in patience,
1:6 not from habit, but by nature, according as Polybius your bishop informed me, who by the will of God and of Jesus Christ visited me in Smyrna;
1:7 and so greatly did he rejoice with me in my bonds in Christ Jesus, that in him I beheld the whole multitude of you.
1:8 Having therefore received your godly benevolence at his hands, I gave glory, forasmuch as I had found you to be imitators of God, even as I had learned.
2:1 For when ye are obedient to the bishop as to Jesus Christ, it is evident to me that ye are living not after men but after Jesus Christ, who died for us, that believing on His death ye might escape death.
2:2 It is therefore necessary, even as your wont is, that ye should do nothing without the bishop;