The Deluge

The Deluge

THE development of sin, af­ter the fall of our first parents, was such that God determined to sweep the offending race from the face of the earth by a mighty deluge. This was con­summated sixteen hundred and-fifty-six years after the creation of Adam, or two thou­sand two hundred and sixty-two years by the chronol­ogy of the Septuagint. The Bi­ble contains the only historical record of this great event; but traditions, said to be found in almost all parts of the world, confirm the fact that a destruc­tive deluge once occurred. It is hard to account for the univer­sality and similarity of these traditions, supposing them to exist, without granting them an historical basis. Cuneiform in­scriptions on clay tablets in Assyria and at Babylon corrobo­rate the Mosaic account.

The object of the flood was to destroy the race of Adam. It was the wickedness of ” the Adamite ” that God saw was great in the earth,” and “it repented God that he had made the Adamite on the earth.”

“And the Lord said, I will destroy the Adamite whom I have created from the face of the earth.” I give here the translation “the Adamite,” instead of “man,” for, whether “ha-Adam” can generally be translated “the Adamite” or not, it is plain that in these two texts it refers to the descendants of Adam.

To perpetuate the race God resolved to save Noah and his family. This pious patriarch is described as “a just man and perfect in his generations” that is, in his genealogy: his fam­ily history proved him to be of unmixed blood running back to Adam.