The Crime of Race Mixing

The Crime of Race Mixing

Most are so far brainwashed that they think we shouldn’t study this. However, we know  “We must worship Him in both SPIRIT and in TRUTH.” John 4:24 (Not just in spirit) Learn the truth of over 200 bible scriptures listed here that command racial segregation.

Describing The Crime of Race-Mixing Demonstrated

Punishable Only By The Death Penalty, Mandated By Our King Jesus Christ. (Government’s Responsibility)

Read for yourself out of God’s Holy Word, as we’ve printed here directly from the King James Version; the Nordic Race has always been a separate unmixed Ethnic Culture and Heritage distinct and Separate from all the other Wonderful Cultures and Beautiful Peoples God placed on His earth.

This Culture in the days of the Kingdom of David and Solomon Enforced the Capital Punishment Laws in Government, much like the Government of the United States of a America which enforced intermarriage as a Felony in 28 States with mandatory fines and imprisonment all the way up until the year 1968.

America was made a homeland for whites by killing millions of non-whites. As the nation deteriorated we stooped as low as to make jail sentences for a black marrying a white, rather than capital punishment our God has always required. The great state of Alabama has kept interracial marriage illegal up until the year 2000. Immorality is still immorality and our people must repent of SIN!

This was just some of the first acts of rebellion against our God Jesus Christ. God Doesn’t change “I am YAHWEH, I changeth not” (Mal 3:6) So neither Can we try and change His New Jerusalem (CHRISTIAN AMERICA).

To understand the word GENTILE simply means RACE, and the Chosen Israel RACE go to this website. to see how it is used through the entire bible.