The Coming World Upheaval

The Coming World Upheaval

AS WE TURN TO THE SUBJECT OF WORLD UPHEAVAL WE REALISE THAT THE COMING WORLD UPHEAVAL to ordinary people is so far removed from their minds that they would never have accepted the possibility of such a thing transpiring. That the world today is an evolution of all of its problems and looking for its survival from all the situations that effect it — completely and absolutely upon its own political and economic possibilities, and upon the concept that out of the sheer weight of its own force of arms, upon the decision of mass enemies and their ability to encircle them depends the history of the earth.

There is no question that there is no more important subject for the student of political history, nor to one who would properly deliver the responsibilities of his own life, of his living and his society. There is no more important subject as it relates to the citizens of earth, to its raw materials and to its environment. On the other hand, there also emerges within the entire history of the development of our race another influence and force, and we see it work, which is stronger than the political concept, which is greater and more powerful than the defences of our history through out the course of time. Far more powerful than the armies we might muster, and demonstrates its force upon our human destiny, to be much greater than any massed force we have been able to put together, and even in this great period of the typist when we who walk in earth, and have become the master of so much of its knowledge.

Out of the vision and the inspiration, and the technological achievements are the taking apart and the putting together of the atom, and the experimenting with it for even greater destructive power, for this passing hour. But in this hour this is some of our experiments and our achievements. And the conditions we think we are creating would make us masters of all that we seek, but are very small when compared to the amount of energy God releases in one single display of divine power.

There is more energy in the passing storm than there is in all the hydrogen bombs. The only thing is the deadly patterns of upset LAWS that we release with its fall out, and the catastrophes which are so concentrated in a single place that we think of them as so horrendous. One time when the volcano Cap Atola blew up, remember, that it shook more worlds than all the atom bombs if we were to launch them at one time. It wiped out the whole Caribbean, and all the people of Martinique. In the vicinity of that city all were wiped out in one stroke, and only one man survived. He was lying down in a jail cell where the sweeping wall of flame and the unusual power of gases sweeping out from the blowing of Cap Atola just passed over him, and he in that dungeon escaped, the only one in the city which survived. British ships were in the harbour when that explosion took place and they were filled with the gases and great flames of burning gas swept down virtually killing everyone on the ships. That was strange gases which emerged from that volcano explosion which was considered the largest and most powerful single noise that had been recorded in all the history of mankind. (Cap Atola is on Mount Pele, which is in the northern end of the island, and the city of Sainte Marie is now the city close to the volcano which was at one time called the same as the Island — Martinique.)