The Church of England

The Church of England

….can claim apostolic foundation, unbroken continuity, and scriptural authority as the sole basis of its rule of faith and its form of government

The Rev. G. H. Nicholson, Burghfield rectory, Nr. Reading, Berks, England

(The Burghfield Parish Church is on the cover of this publication)

Some Glimpses of its Earliest History may be gathered from. the words of the following GREAT AUTHORITIES IN BYGONE CENTURIES.

Tertullian. A.D. 155-222. The Church’s first great genius after the Apostles wrote “The extremities of Spain, the various parts of Gaul, the regions of Britain which have never been penetrated by Roman arms have received the religion of Christ.” (Tertullian Def. Fidel, p. 179).

Eusebius. A.D. 260-340. The Church’s first great historian, wrote: “The Apostles passed beyond the ocean to the isles called the Britannic Isles.” (De Demonstratione Evangelii, Lib. Ill).

St. Dorotheus. Bishop of Tyre. A.D. 303 said: “Aristobulus, whom Paul saluted writing to the Romans (Romans ch 16. v. 10) was Bishop of Britain” (Synopsis de Apostol. Synops 23 “Aristobulus”). He also mentions by name another Disciple as visiting Britain. Simon Zelotes preached Christ through all Mauretania, and Afric the less. At length he was crucified at Brittania, slain and buried.” (Synopsis de Apostol. Synops. 9. “Simon Zelotes.”)