The Chosen Servants

The Chosen Servants

EVEN THOUGH IT WAS NOT REPORTED HERE, other scripture references give ample evidence that the event most assuredly took place. This is a prime principle which we must acknowledge and accept, that the whole of Scripture testifies to all parts of Scripture. This principle is clearly evident in the case of Satan’s advent; it is evident and necessary in other cases which we shall soon see.

There is an all-out war of words being waged in the circles of the Israel Truth, otherwise known as the Israel Identity. Parties on both sides of the issue have drawn a line in the sand, and ideological clenched fists are being shaken from indignant participants.

Each participant, in his own way, is trying his best (or maybe his worst), in the most brutal manner, to draw ideological blood. They are aiming their rhetorical cutting words for no less than the proverbial jugular vein of their opponents in order to kill what they believe are damming heretical influences.

Both sides go to long and contentious lengths in an attempt to prove their undying convictions on this subject. To these opposing adherents, there is no common middle ground for compromise, nor can there ever be any. This is a matter where one is either totally correct or totally wrong; no grey middle areas.

Many simply do not have a complete knowledge of this subject, but will find themselves eventually, on one side of the fence or the other. If one tries to straddle the fence on this subject, he will only find himself with his pants torn, and espoused in the most unseemly location.