The Celtic Memory

The Celtic Memory

Wayne Lawrence


THIS OVERVIEW OF THE GAELIC CELTS WILL BE OF INTEREST NOT ONLY TO PEOPLE OF IRISH AND SCOTTISH DESCENT, but also to anyone with ancestral ties to the `British Isles’. A geographical name which appropriately reflects on a bygone era of Celtic domination when England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland were populated by Britons (Brythonic speaking Celts).

The Gaelic speaking Celts (the Gaels) the last to migrate to the British Isles, went directly to Ireland from the Continent (perhaps from France & Spain) in the first century BC. Their language became the `lingua franca’ of the Irish, and their descendants in Scotland, hence the name Gaelic Celts. Their history encourages nostalgia and their culture deserves acclaim and envy. Nevertheless, the realities of history must be recorded with impartiality.

A perusal of the contents will alert the reader to historical facts which have been omitted or minimised by most popular historians. We believe the reader will acknowledge these pertinent facts which explain the misfortunes and ultimate decline of the Gaelic Celts ascendancy in Ireland and Scotland.