The Black Plague

The Black Plague

“Kill de white man! Kill de white man!”

This fanatical command to commit murder was not muttered at some secret meeting of the Black Panther Party. It was broadcast to the world over American television, as the opening scene of the TV “fiction biography”, Roots, written by Alex Haley, who had earlier written The Autobiography of Malcolm X. Whether this too was “fictionist” cannot now be determined, as Malcolin X was shot down in his own temple by black terrorists who were competing for the enormous financial rewards which accrue to black “leaders” in the United States. These rewards have the additional attraction of being tax-free, as an IRS official admitted to Drew Pearson some years ago, when he remarked that

“Noncompliance from black leaders is the price Americans have to pay for racial peace in our big cities.” If we demand that Negroes pay income taxes, the response will be, “Burn, baby, burn!”

The universal call to slaughter the white man which Roots sent out to the world was predictably followed that week by a vast increase in the assaults against white children and helpless elderly people by Negro thugs. We waited in vain for some countervailing message from the victims, “Kill de niggers. Kill de niggers.” No such command was aired by the media, because such a message, even if it were to be broadcast, would result in the FBI arresting all those concerned, on charges of incitement to murder, violation of “civil rights” and many other charges. As the notorious Jerris Leonard of the Civil Rights Division of the Department of the Justice wrote to me some years ago, when I complained that my civil rights had been violated, “If you think your civil rights have been violated, you should hire yourself a lawyer.” It has been a longstanding maxim of the Department of Justice that white citizens have no civil rights under law and therefore the department can take no action on such complaints.