The Big Book of Race

The Big Book of Race

THIS IS A COLLECTION OF FACTS AND EXPERIENCE arranged specifically to open the eyes of anyone fortunate enough to read it. “Racial Equality” is a fantasy. It is false. We are led to believe it for the sake of feelings. We all have been led to embrace a lie just because the truth is offensive. Yet to see through it all, you’d simply have to ask yourself, if we’re all equal, how come we are always having to come up with excuses for the failings of others?

Well, the answer is simple. We, the people of the White world, have been lavished with a guilty conscience. For whatever reason, we’d rather believe that everyone is equal. We are not all equal. Ask yourself, what countries of the world are the ones receiving the bulk of immigrants? White countries. What countries enjoy the highest standards of living? White countries. What countries wield nearly all the power in the world? White countries. What make up the greatest society the world has ever seen? The White countries.

If you are sceptical, read on, and either solidify your beliefs in what you call the truth, rejecting what you’ve been told is bigotry, or be shown the true light of the world.

First things first. What have you been taught all your lives? That people from all over the globe are all equal. We are equal to one another; the only thing to separate us is the colour of our skin. This leads you to believe that racism is based on nothing but pigmentation, and therefore, is complete trash.

Well I’m afraid that’s simply not true. There are numerous physical differences between the races, but there is no need to get into them simply because they are inconsequential. The size of your stature, and anything else, do not dictate to your muscles the actions you take. What we want to look at are the mental differences, the ones that really matter.

When the White race was unfortunate enough to stumble upon Blacks, what sort of condition were they in? Well, the simple answer is, the condition they’re still in. Africans were, and are, in a condition of complete and total squalor. They lived, and live, in poverty. They were, and are, totally unable to construct a functioning society.

What will your typical politically correct Joe say to this? Well the Blacks were denied the means to build a society like Whites and Orientals had.