The Basic Identity Message

The Basic Identity Message

THE MESSAGE OF THE BIBLE, as taught by most of today’s churches, is not Christianity at all; but a nameless, faceless, irreligious, Satanic philosophy. It is a liberal, one-world, one-race, Godless, sexless, homogenized hodgepodge of propaganda disseminated by the Anti-Christ and their millions of Christian lackeys who have had their brains dirtied and contaminated by the constant stream of vicious, soul destroying lies, half-truths and innuendoes fed to the public, twenty-four hours a day, three hundred and sixty-five days a year. The only unforgivable sin in the eyes of these liberals is discrimination, when actually, the inability to discriminate is a sure sign of feeble mindedness.

Has the lack of sound answers to the following questions turned you away from the Bible?

1. Was Adam and Eve the first man and woman?

2. Was it a serpent that beguiled Eve?

3. Was Eve’s transgression physical or moral?

4. Why, after killing Abel, did Cain say to God “You are casting me off the face of the earth,” when God merely sent him out of Eden into the land of Nod?

5. Why did Cain say “Everywhere I go, men shall seek to slay me”? What men?

6. If Adam, Eve and Cain were the only three left, where did Cain find a wife?

7. Why would Cain build a city for just himself and his wife?

8. Did all races come from Adam and Eve?