The Age of Restoration

The Age of Restoration

WELL IN THE PATTERNS OF OUR HISTORY, THIS IS ANOTHER ONE OF THOSE WEEKS THAT HAS COME TO PASS. We are talking to you on the subject of Restoration, the age of Restoration. But I want you to know that it is not tied to the statement that was made last week on the Restoration. For we had a Jew come to America as the first Bishop of the World, and as the Vicar of CHRIST. He tells us he is going to be the Pope of the Restoration of human brotherhood and beasts. And there shall be restored to the world, not only complete reconciliation of all men, all governments, and all people, and he hopes to be the man to accomplish this. So he used the words that he was going to be the Pope of the Restoration.

Some of the people wonder what the Restoration is all about. There is a restoration, but it is the Restoration of the Kingdom to the Household of God in the earth. It is referred to as the Restoring of Israel. But it is not talking about the Jews.

If by some circumstances you do not know that the Jews are not Israel, you will before we are thru.

The Israel of God is the Household of God, the Issue of God. This is what Israel is. Princes, Issue ruling with the Father in the earth and its purpose that HIS Kingdom shall rule supreme. And as it reigns supreme, it shall triumph and the triumph of that Kingdom shall continue forever.

This is one of the great mysteries that David pondered and then later many others pondered this saying, ‘how is it that David refers to HIS offspring or son as LORD? How is it then that David who has an Eternal covenant with One greater than he, refers to ONE greater than he, who emerges from him?’