Testament of Judah

Testament of Judah

Chapter 1

1, 2 The copy of the words of Judah, what things he spake to his sons before he died. They gathered

3 themselves together, therefore, and came to him, and he said to them: Hearken, my children, to Judah your father. I was the fourth son born to my father Jacob; and Leah my mother named

4 me Judah, saying, I give thanks to the Lord, because He hath given me a fourth son also. I was

5 swift in my youth, and obedient to my father in everything. And I honoured my mother and my

6 mother’s sister. And it came to pass, when I became a man, that my father
blessed me, saying, Thou shalt be a king, prospering in all things.

Chapter 2

1, 2 And the Lord showed me favour in all my works both in the field and in the house. I know that

3 I raced a hind, and caught it, and prepared the meat for my father, and he did eat. And the roes I used to master in the chase, and overtake all that was in the plains. A wild mare I overtook, and

4 caught it and tamed it. I slew a lion and plucked a kid out of its mouth. I took a bear by its paw

5 and hurled it down the cliff, and it was crushed. I outran the wild boar, and seizing it as I ran,