The Testament & Heraldry of Benjamin

The Testament & Heraldry of Benjamin

Chapter 1

1 The copy of the words of Benjamin, which he commanded his sons to observe, after he had lived

2 a hundred and twenty-five years. And he kissed them, and said: As Isaac
was born to Abraham

3 in his old age, so also was I to Jacob. And since Rachel my mother died in giving me birth, I had

4 no milk; therefore I was suckled by Bilhah her handmaid. For Rachel remained barren for twelve years after she had borne Joseph; and she prayed the Lord with fasting twelve days, and she

5 conceived and bare me. For my father loved Rachel dearly, and prayed that he might see two

6 sons born from her. Therefore was I called Benjamin, that is, a son of days.

Chapter 2

1 And when I went into Egypt, to Joseph, and my brother recognized me,
he said unto me:

2 What did they tell my father when they sold me? And I said unto him, They dabbled thy coat with blood and sent it, and said: Know whether this be thy son’s coat.