The Covid Psycho-Op and How to Fight

The Covid Psycho-Op and How to Fight

Perhaps the only weapon that ‘we, the people’ have at our disposal in the face of the totalitarian system being forced upon us in these dark times, is absolute and total non-compliance and non-violent defiance of the current rules on mask wearing, movements and social interaction.

These ‘rules’ (significantly not laws, although they are presented as such) are allegedly there for our protection and to curb the spread of an alleged, yet non-existent virus
Dr Lorraine Day – The Germ & Virus Theory & The inversion of truth which we are falsely led to believe will result in many, many deaths unless we consent to obey their draconian lockdowns and severe restriction of our inalienable right to freedom of movement.

But what do I mean by ‘non-compliance’ precisely?

Peaceful non-compliance is simply:

● Refusing to wear masks where designated as compulsory.
● Driving to wherever you choose, whenever you choose.
● Visiting friends or relatives whenever you choose.
● Congregating in whatever numbers you choose.
● Opening your own businesses whenever you wish.

This of course will necessitate some of us dealing with the spectre of false arrest by the police or a government enforcement officer of some description.