Study Tape 39 Based Wesley Swift Information BY Ella Rose Mast

Study Tape 39 Based Wesley Swift Information BY Ella Rose Mast

Various Questions And Answers
TAPE NO. 39 By: Ella Rose Mast

Today’s Type of Socialism Leads to Communism
Marxist Socialism and Communism
1. Socialism leads to Communism.
We brought to you one of the stories of the reason for the rise of the KKK after the Civil War, and there are many. Then again we find that after WWI, the Clan rose from the ashes once again and was powerful over almost the entire United States. It was investigated by the Congress and it was proved that there was only a desire for the preservation of the race, the flag, and the Nation on the part of this organization.
Another witness as to this fact is the Book by Madison Grant entitled: ‘The passing of the Great Race’ written in 1921. I have a fourth revised edition with a Documentary supplement, with prefaces by Henry Fairfield Osborn, who was the Research Professor of Zoology, Columbia University. This book was also in the Swift Library and it was copyrighted 1916, 1918, and 1921–-the fourth edition revised and published August of 1921. In the preface Dr. Osborn writes:—-‘European history has been written in terms of nationality and language, but never before in terms of race, yet race has played a far larger part than either language or nationality is moulding the destinies of men. Race implies heredity, and heredity implies all the moral, social and intellectual characteristics and traits that are the springs of politics and government.