State Controlled Churches: The 501c3 Deception

State Controlled Churches: The 501c3 Deception

CHURCHES AND RELIGIOUS ORGANIZATIONS THAT ACCEPT GOVERNMENTAL AUTHORIZATION FOR FINANCIAL GAIN, for permission to assemble, etc., are then controlled by the state. They invariably become tools of the government, carrying out the agenda of rulers and spreading state propaganda. Church members themselves often demand their church obtain state recognition in order for their tithes and offerings to be deductible from their personal income tax reports.

The classification 501(c)(3) is a tax exempt status for religious or charitable organizations in the United States. While this article repeatedly refers to this particular classification, the warning crosses international boundaries. Any religious organization that is recognized as such by the national government comes under the control of that government. It is then an arm of the state and must comply with state policy or lose the desired recognition.

In August, 2007, KSLA News 12 out of Shreveport, Louisiana, reported on a shocking new tactic used by the United States government in its ongoing destruction of the U.S. Constitution. It was reported that the government had begun training pastors and religious leaders to influence the populace to comply with government demands, stating: “KSLA News 12 has discovered that [in the event of a disaster] the clergy would help the government with potentially their biggest problem: Us.”

The United States was founded with the deliberate intent of having a country without a king and ensuring the freedom to have a church without a pope. Consequently, the “separation of church and state” has long been a governing principle of laws and policy within the U.S. It is extremely portentous for the government to reach out to religious leaders in an attempt to control the citizenry. Revelation 13 warns of a despotic power that would seek to enforce its own agenda over the entire world: