Stars Shine Through The Translucent Moon

Stars Shine Through The Translucent Moon

CHECK OUT THIS VIDEO. Stars are twinkling thru the translucent moon. Of course this revelation doesn’t come as a surprise to the fictional architects of NASA, who’ve know for decades the moon is only a light and therefore cannot be landed on. The blinking is the resultant ripple effect of the stars projecting their light from within the hardened sea firmament dome.

Astrophysicists postulate that the moon doesn’t rotate because the gravitational pull of the earth paralyses it into a fixed stationary position. The moon is actually a hollow, flat, translucent, crystalline, self-illuminating disc. One that generates a unique type of cold light. During a full moon cycle, the stars, also known as luminaries can been seen shining through the moon’s disc, confirming its translucent composition.

Genesis Chapter 1 verse 16 says, “For God made two great lights, the sun and the moon, to shine down upon the earth.”

The Book of Enoch, Chapter 60 says, “How the portals of the winds are reckoned, each according to the power of the wind, and the power of the lights of the moon.”

On Earth, the temperature of radiate moonlight is always colder than its adjacent moon shadow. If moonlight was the result of sun rays reflecting off earth, then the illuminated moonlight reflecting back onto the earth should be warmer. Moonlight is colder, proving it projects its own light.