Slaves, Blacks, Jews, Germans and The Olympics

Slaves, Blacks, Jews, Germans and The Olympics

A large amount of material has been written about the relationship of Blacks to Whites and Blacks to Jews in the scheme of things.

Blacks have long had had a love-hate relationship to whites for a number of reasons, which are well known to everyone. Their relationship to the Jews on the other hand has vacillated between out-and-out hate to unmitigated love. This is due to the Jews having for many decades been in the forefront of championing civil rights and in some cases have even given their lives to that worthy cause, albeit unwillingly.

Whether this is so because of guilt feelings on the part of the Jews I don’t know. That seems to be a plausible explanation even though guilt feelings toward another race are actually an unknown quantity amongst the Jews.
We know that the slave trade was a multi-layered affair involving numerous nations and groups of people. None of the slaves would have been captured had it not been for other Blacks who went inland from the African coastal regions raiding unsuspecting villages and marching the unfortunates to the coast. How many died during these brutal marches will never be known. Once arrived at the coast they were sold to White slavers who had been waiting for their “merchandise”. These slavers were of different nationalities, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch and last but certainly not least, the ubiquitous English, always present when injustice and horrors have been committed.

As everyone knows, trade requires capital. Traders seldom if ever have their own capital. As everyone also knows, merchandise and the means of transporting this merchandise must be insured against loss.