Secrets of The Synagogue of Satan

Secrets of The Synagogue of Satan

SINCE TIME IMMEMORIAL THE “PEOPLE OF THE TALMUD” have looked for a temporal Messiah who would ascend to the “Throne of David” and literally put the material world under his feet and cause all “goy” to worship at the feet of the self-chosen people. Rejecting the thought that Jesus came to “fulfil the law and the prophets,” the People of the Talmud expect their rewards in this world, not in the next. This religion was uncompromisingly described by the philosopher and historian, Horace Meyer Kallen, of the New School for Social Research, in his Zionism and World Politics. We quote from page 9 of that work: “For them (the Jews), reward and punishment were here and now, where sin and virtue were, and the hope of good fortune for the righteous was a hope for this world and not another. Particularly this was the case for a whole people, a nation, whose span of life overreaches the brief mortality of the individual. The people of Israel, banished from its land for its unrighteousness, should be restored for its righteousness. This was Yahweh’s promise, and in this promise his people might take comfort. The restoration would be bodily, political, and physical. It would install an era of international peace and international comity, the rule of law replacing the rule of force and the life of cooperation, the life of conflict….

“This restoration, from the first exile in the seventh century before the beginning of the Christian era through the first millennium after it, is conceived in political terms..”

In these words Professor Kallen, Zionist and Talmudist, explains the whole of what we have come to know as the “Messianic Complex” of those who call themselves” Jews. They rejected the true Messiah because He refused to reign over them as a temporal king; told them that His Kingdom was not of this world; and also told them to render unto Caesar the things that were Caesar’s and unto God the things that were God’s. But the Pharisees expected physical, material, temporal fulfilment of prophecy; and could not divide the spiritual from the political.

This makes it impossible to oppose Zionism, Communism, and Socialism without also opposing Talmudism. For all are political, materialistic, oligarchic, and anti-Christian!