Russia in Prophecy

Russia in Prophecy

WHERE IS RUSSIA IDENTIFIED IN THE BIBLE? Many people believe that Russia is Gog of Ezekiel 38, but studying the prophecy of Ezekiel and history proves that not to be true. Can Russia be traced back to the book of Beginnings, the book of Genesis? Absolutely! And, I believe that the identity of Russia has been one of the best kept secrets next to the identity of the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel that has ever been uncovered!

Origins of the Russian People

The “present day Russians Ukrainians; and Belarusians-[are] the ancestors of the eastern Slavs” (The Making of Modern Russia, Lionel Kochan, John Keep, p.2).  There was one original group called the Slavs, but then they all split into three groups, “by AD 800, three main geographical and linguistic divisions had arisen; the East Slavs inhabiting a large part of European Russia, the South Slavs who settled in the Balkan Peninsula, and the West Slavs who settled in what is now Poland, Czechoslovakia and East Germany” (History Of Poland Mieczyslaw Kasprzyk Chapter one, emphasis added). Where did these Eastern Slavic people come from?

It has long been generally understood by many Russian academics that much of their population is descended from a branch of the Scythians. A famous Russian poet, Alexander Blok, for example, noted such in one of his poems, The Scythians (Blok 1970 : 161). Also, Russian historian Alekseyev, in his work, In Search Of Our Ancestors, writes that the Russians are a branch of the Scythians (Alekseyev 1972 : 297).