Revelations of a Swiss Banker

Revelations of a Swiss Banker

Q: Can you tell us something about your involvement in the Swiss banking business?

A: I have worked for Swiss banks for many years, I was designated as one of the top directors of one of the biggest Swiss banks. During my work, I was involved in the payment … in the direct payment in cash to a person who killed the president of a foreign country. I was in the meeting where it was decided to give this cash money to the killer. This gave me dramatic headaches and troubled my conscience. It was not the only case that was really bad, but it was the worst.

It was a payment instruction on order of a foreign secret service, written by hand, giving the order to pay a certain amount to a person who killed the top leader of a foreign country. And it was not the only case. We received several such hand-written letters coming from foreign secret services giving the order to pay out cash from secret accounts to fund revolutions or for the killing of people. I can confirm what John Perkins has written in his book, “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man”. There really exists just (such a) system, and Swiss banks are involved in such cases.

Q: Perkins’ book is also translated and available in Russian. Can you tell us which bank it is and who was responsible?

A: It was one of the top three Swiss banks at that time and it was the president of a country in the Third World. But I don’t want to give out too many details because they will find me very easily if I say the name of the president and the name of the bank. I will risk my life.