Responsibility of Discipleship

Responsibility of Discipleship

AS WE LOOK AT OUR SUBJECT THE RESPONSIBILITY OF DISCIPLESHIP WE TURN TO THE BOOK OF ISAIAH, to the eighth chapter, for it tells us something about disciples and discipleship. Many people confuse the disciple with Sonship. I want to point out to you that disciples are those that follow a leader. A disciple is one who coordinates with HIM, whereas, the family does not always move in the area of discipleship.

Thus, a person may be a son of God, a member of this white race and not be a good disciple. For a disciple is one who follows after the Master, one who coordinates his words. One that agrees with his words, one that advocates his words. And the disciple never disagrees with the Master.

Now, I want to point this out to you however. For the disciple is found in the race of Israel. And then HE speaks and says,’Behold all of the children that God (Spirit) hath given me, all are for signs and wonders in Israel, and they are from YAHWEH. To the law and to the testimony, if they speak not according to this word, it is because there is no light in them, (or they are not my disciples.) Now my disciples are to be found in Israel and they are to proclaim the word and they are to be of Israel.’

Now, there is one factor that is quite significant. For there are some people who think that disciples are just someone who became converts to Christ and became his disciples. But they were of the house of Israel, children raised up to testify as to signs and wonders before all of the nations of the world.

Now, I want to point out to you over here in the book of John, and again we see these words coming forth from the lips of Christ. “If ye continue in My word then art thee my disciple indeed.”