Promised Before The World Began

Promised Before The World Began

Current events – About our getting out of the United Nations) (Adam Clayton Powell, put out of congress) (a trouble with the colleges in California, and Mr. Reagan’s stand for correction in the schools) (the rising of the right wing) Promised before the world began. .

WE TURN IN THE BOOK OF TITUS TODAY, and the Apostle Paul begins with a great declaration and moves into a great area of truth.

“Paul a servant of YAHWEH AND AN APOSTLE OF Jesus Christ according to the faith of God’s elect, and the acknowledgment of truth, which is after godliness. In hope of Eternal life, which God who cannot lie promised before the world began.” Promised to whom? The Elect. Hear this now. The Apostle Paul who is writing to the Elect of God, writing to the children of the Kingdom, to the house of Israel. And he has already proven that they are the elect of God in the world, sites that therefore in hopes of Eternal life, from a God which cannot lie.

And in fact this is an understatement for God is true and he cannot lie, not at all. But God has promised us something, and He promised it before the world began. He promised His kingdom that he would restore to Eternal Life. And he had promised that we would have Eternal life before the foundation of the world. He promised that this would be brought forth, and he would fulfil it in his redemption. Therefore He as Yahweh-God, as redeemer promised to the Household of Israel, the children of His elect, this promise of Eternal Life. And promised this Eternal life, before the world began.