Prehistoric America

Prehistoric America

AS WE TURN TONIGHT TO THE SECOND MESSAGE AS TO THE ANTIQUITY OF OUR CONTINENT, and to the things which have taken place in this our homeland in this part of the earth we will talk to you again about Prehistoric America, and some of the things which are essential for us to know. Never has there been a period in history when men have been so blessed with the results of research. The strange inquisitiveness God has placed in us has caused us to search out, and to know, out of which has produced the great areas of our modern science and archaeology. In its probing study of man, and the origin of Races in its basic concepts and patterns we have been searching, seeking knowledge.

We have watched the emerging concepts of anthropology having added to it, fact to replace theory. And out of the Ethnic studies of the peoples of earth we find again that the leading areas of such an investigation reposes upon your race. There is more known about the earth today than has ever been known about it in any age of human history. There is more known tonight about the pattern of events that even preceded our own Race upon the earth than has ever been known before.

But today how few are discussing, how few are researching these factors for their own knowledge outside of the research scientists themselves. How much is being done today to confuse in the mind of the student inside of our colleges the true knowledge of things which have gone before. Strange substitutes are established in the earth to replace the areas of truth which the LORD willed, and delivered unto HIS people.

So as we turn to the subject tonight of Pre‑historic America we would go back; way way back, even back to the positions which follow the first and second verses of Genesis. For we are told:…………