PEP Sovietism By Stealth

PEP Sovietism By Stealth


IF you are a PRODUCER, a MANUFACTURER, a MERCHANT, a RETAILER or a consumer of goods or materials, whatever their category may be, this exposure will interest you directly, since the plans and designs of P.E.P. if permitted to reach consummation, will place every one of you under a permanent enslavement to a close coterie whose interests lie as far from yours as could possibly be.

In this pamphlet, we are dealing with a manufactured opinion, seemingly spontaneously arising in a multitude of different quarters, yet actually forwarded by a group of individuals whose identities have hitherto been kept carefully hidden.

We put this matter before you, without fear or favour, in the hope that you, in your sphere, will lend your aid in fighting the menace of which “Planning” is now the spear-point.