Overgrowing The Regime With Hemp

Overgrowing The Regime With Hemp

MANY OF THE CLAIMS ABOUT HEMP SOUND A BIT FAR-FETCHED: the seed is a super food; hempcrete is a wonder construction material; its fibre makes strong fabric and rope; the flower makes a powerful medicine; the root rebuilds and remediates depleted soils, whilst growing hemp plants in open fields is great for wildlife bio-diversity.

Yet, all of this is true. So we established Hempen, a non-profit cooperative that cultivates hemp for the health of people, community and environment. In 2015, we started growing hemp for its seed as a super food and later discovered the emergent Cannabidiol (CBD) Oil.

Here are just a few of the many practical benefits of hemp:

Health – The hemp plant produces one of the most nutritious seeds on Earth. It’s an incredible source of protein, containing the optimum balance of omega fatty acids, 21 essential amino acids, minerals and vitamins for great absorption by the human body, and a crispy shell full of fibre too! The green matter holds hundreds of compounds, including a range of cannabinoids – just one being CBD – that are known to bring our bodies into a state of balance.

Industry – Today, BMW make their bodywork from hemp bio-composites that are lighter and stronger than steel. Celebrity architect Kevin Macleod (Grand Designs) claims hemp as one of his favourite ecological building materials. Scientists have even discovered that hemp can be used to make a super capacitor that outperforms graphene to make eco-batteries.