Our Decision

Our Decision

(Lots of current events, Joe McCarthy censured, Eisenhower Presidency. The difference between Democrats and Republicans disappeared 20 years ago.) The second side of the tape.

A preacher said that no one can understand the book of Revelation. And he gave some scriptures he said proved this. But then said: “If anyone preaches of things inside the book of Revelation, they are a false prophet, because I can’t understand a word of it.”

Well I am not surprised, because anyone who would think Brahma Auston is a paradox of theology, wouldn’t be able to understand the book of Revelation. But the thing which is important is that the book of Revelation still contains patterns of ideas that were transferred from the mind of God to the mind of John, as he travelled over these historic events before they happened. In other words, as portrayed, were the events in the mind of God, portrayed to John in the plains of spirit that he saw them, visualized them, declared them, so he had been carried back into the past so he recorded events of yesterday as well as events in tomorrow. So he talks about these things which the book of Revelation covers in symbolism. This symbolism is just as compact as any sign a man ever follows through the Masonic order.

This book of Revelation was just as much set in symbolism as was the furniture of the Tabernacle, or as other patterns. But there is no symbol here that is not for your understanding, for when he gave the book of Revelation to John he said: ‘go show it to the churches’, he did not say’ go hide it somewhere’. He did not say for the Clergy of the church to say we don’t understand it so we will hide it. He says: along with the climactic patterns of the end of the age, and of something descriptive of things to come, a description of something which was merely symbolic, it says: a trumpet will sound, and the first Angel sounded and there followed hail, and fire mingled with blood. This great catastrophe fell on the earth and 1/3 part was burned up, and all the green areas were burned up. (Rev: 8:7) Then verse 8 says: The second sounded and as it were a great mountain burning with fire was cast into the sea; and 1/3 of the sea became blood.