On Earth as it is in Heaven

On Earth as it is in Heaven


OUR FATHER WE COME INTO THY PRESENCE TO WORSHIP YOU IN SPIRIT and in truth. We are happy that you have unveiled to us, through the course of Thy Spirit, an awareness of who we are and from whence we came. Make us to know that we are thy household in the earth, that we are thy family, and Ye have established with us thy covenants.

Make us to know that the spiritual centre of the nations of thy Kingdom, which have emerged out of thy house hold, is thy church. And that this is a living institution that could carry out the activities that you have ordained. And that you will never permit it to be silenced, but that you will always raise up those who say; “Thus saith the Lord.”

We are thankful Our Father for all that has been wrought for us by the magnitude of thy person. That which we could not accomplish for ourselves, an acceptable atonement. The manifestation of thy Grace as unto us, as you have restored thy people unto those things which has been promised. To the realization that you are giving back to us everything that we had lost through violation of divine law. That thy glory shall exist through out all ages. We are happy that heaven is thy throne, and the earth is thy footstool and that you have given unto us in this area of inheritance and opportunity to demonstrate that the powers of darkness shall not be triumphant.