Old Records – Swift Library Review

Old Records – Swift Library Review

FROM THE OLD FILES IN THE MAST LIBRARY COMES A MESSAGE as to this race called in the old books the Red race, because Caucasians are the ones who possess this peculiarity because Adam by definition means to show blood in the face’ Adam’s descendants are thus identified by this physical feature. Much interest has been shown in other times as to the Indian section of our knowledge. And in this old file was a message that most readers of that time in history who were searching for truth as to who they were then loved to receive.

Words have specific origins. This is why the study of languages is so important. Correct definitions are essential for a proper understanding of history. This individual of our story was thus seeking clarification of the term Ethiopian in the scriptures. However in order to understand Ethiopian, you must pursue the word Adam, the name of the first Man. (We would say that Adam was the first man of our race)

Now; as to this writing, my understanding will be added in ( ).

A Caucasian with a sunburnt complexion was known as an Ethiopian. For ‘Aith’ means sunburnt, and ‘ops’ means countenance. Used today it would describe the difference between a fair skinned Midwesterner and his sunburnt brother living in Florida. If you ask your grandmother what she was taught in Sunday school about Ethiopians. She will tell you that they were ‘white.’ (Perhaps here in 1998 you should ask your great-grandmother.) There were also lots of pictures along with this report to show the truth of this report.